Electric Showers

We install replacement showers in Leeds, Wakefield, York & Harrogate, we do the plumbing works to save you money. We also install new electric RCD cabling so you can enjoy the most powerful electric showers on the market.

Showers must be RCD or RCBO protected which stands for Residual Current Device, RCD'S can be found on these mains boards and are not to be confused with MCB'S which alot of people do.

If a Electrician tells you he will replace your existing shower or install a new one shower without RCD protecting the shower and the circuit then this is against the regulations and could potentially be putting your life in danger.

Most showers are 10kw or greater that means 10000 watts at 230 volts, this is a very powerful electrical appliance in a zone zero environment meaning a water environment, it needs the maximum protection we can give it to ensure safety and thats why the regulations are so strict. If you refuse to have your consumer unit upgraded to RCD protect the typical 10mm2 twin and earth cable needed for the installation the Approved Electrical Contractor should walk away from the job.

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