Wireless Burglar Alarms

The Scantronic I-ON16 has 16 wireless zones, it is easy to install and has EN50131 Grade 2x for a professional installation solution. The I-ON16 uses the Scantronic class leading radio system with improved signal strength. Everyone’s home security needs differ. Have you got a young family or an elderly relative at home? Maybe some much-loved pets, or a hectic business travel schedule? Or perhaps you need to protect a detached outbuilding? Whatever your lifestyle, and the people in it, we understand that you have unique home security challenges. Whatever your requirements, you can be sure i-on 16 gives you the benefits you expect whether you’re home or away.

Wireless Burglar Alarms

Wired Burglar Alarms

MPS Offers a wide range of Intruder Alarms to suit your budget, We install fully monitored quality wired systems that do not give false alarms unlike some makes. MPS Alarm systems can call up to 5 different people on 5 different telephone numbers if the alarm activates when you are out with no call centre charges or subscription fees from monitoring agencies. 

MPS Alarms are installed to the highest standard and I back this up with a free 24 hour call out service to prove my point. MPS can cater for standard domestic installations, commercial & industrial.

Wired Burglar Alarms
Shock/Vibration/Inertia Sensors

Shock detectors are extremely useful perimeter protection devices. They will detect an attempted intrusion before entry to the premises. They can also be left alarmed while the premises are occupied, allowing free movement within the premises while protecting external doors and windows.

Passive Infra Red Detectors

Having Cats and Dogs is not a problem anymore as MPS install detectors that can be set with the pets left inside the property in a alarmed room for your peace of mind and added protection while you are out. MPS Alarms are fully expandable and can have up to 3 programs, 8 alarm able zones and 3 separate keypads so you can set certain zones on certain programs for added protection whilst asleep in bed at night with the house alarmed. MPS can also replace a existing system that is outdated with a new panel, bell box, passive detectors, internal keypads and internal sounders.

External Sounders

Professional, Microprocessor Controlled, External Intruder Alarm bell box for wired systems. Powerful 115db Sounder volume, full anti tamper protection, full SAB and strobe features, Twin Warning LED's, Sealed electronics to IP44 for long life.

Analogue Addressable System

Fire Alarm Systems fall broadly in to two groups - Conventional Systems or Analogue Addressable Systems. Analogue Addressable Fire Alarm Systems differ from conventional systems in a number of ways and certainly add more flexibility, intelligence, speed of identification and scope of control. For this reason Analogue Addressable Fire Alarm Systems are the natural choice for Commercial premises and more complex system requirements. In an analogue addressable system detectors are wired in a loop around the building with each detector having its own unique 'address'. The fire alarm system may contain one or more loops depending upon the size of the system and design requirements. The Fire Control Panel 'communicates' with each detector individually and receives a status report e.g. Healthy, In Alarm or In Fault etc. As each detector has an individual 'address' the fire alarm control panel is able to display/indicate the precise location of the device in question, which obviously helps speed the location of an incident. 

Addressable detectors are, in themselves, "intelligent" devices which are capable of reporting far more than just fire or fault conditions, for example most detectors are able to signal if contamination within the device (dust etc) reaches a pre-set level enabling maintenance to take place prior to problems being experienced. Addressable detectors are also able to provide pre-alarm warnings when smoke/heat levels, reach a pre-set level enabling investigation of the fire to take place prior to a full evacuation alarm and Fire Brigade signaling taking place.

Analog Addressable System


Fire Alarm Systems fall broadly in to two groups - Conventional Systems or Analogue Addressable Systems. 

Conventional' Fire Alarm Systems, in their various forms, have been around for many years and have changed little in that time in terms of technology although design and reliability have improved significantly. However, Conventional fire alarm Systems are a well-proven technology protecting many hundreds of thousands of properties worldwide. A Conventional Fire Alarm System is often the natural choice for smaller systems or where budget constraints exist. 

Incorporating the Multipoint detector with built-in sounder means the whole system cab be installed using only one pair of wires.

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